New COVID-19 Rules

The Following Rules Are Currently In Effect
1.)  We are now seeing APPOINTMENTS ONLY,
2.)  Due to a lack of appointment slots, we will not allow appointments for nail trims or for anal gland expressions.  Please be considerate of others when booking your appointment so that pet's that are more in need can be seen by the doctor
4.)  All clients will sign in outside.  They will need to
 leave a phone number.  There is a questionnaire form at the sign-in sheet that must be completed.  Please fill this out when you arrive.  We will not see your pet until this form has been completed.
5.)  When it is your turn, you will be met outside by customer service, who will be wearing a mask.  You will hand the leash (or carrier) off to the customer service person.    If the doctor has any questions he will call you.  When the services are rendered, your pet will be returned to you outside the building.  For these reasons, MAKE SURE YOUR PET'S COLLAR IS VERY SECURE.  MAKE SURE YOUR CARRIER IS LOCKED AND IN GOOD WORKING ORDER.
6.)  We are still available for medication and
food pick-ups.  This will be a separate sign-in sheet.  We request all food and medication pickups e-mail us in advance, so we can minimize any interactions between clients.  Whenever possible, elect for the shipment of medications.
7.)  FRACTIOUS ANIMALS WILL NOT BE SEEN.  If your pet is showing any signs of aggressive behavior, they will need to be seen elsewhere.  Because our clients are not allowed into the facility, all pets we see need to be well behaved.  This is for their safety, and the safety of our employees.
8.)  All other COVID-19 guidelines still apply:  i.e. if you're sick we will not see you.  If you have been exposed to someone sick, we will not see you.  Please see our COVID-19 Page with more information.
9.)  Due to the inability to sanitize currency, we will only be accepting credit card payments or exact change.  PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  Also, we will no longer be accepting signatures for credit card payments to maximize our client's safety.