Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you seeing walk-in clients?
A:  With the obvious exception of our walk-in clinic we hold once a month at the pet store Animal Pantry in West Babylon, New York, no, we do not have any walk-in services available.  We are APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Q:  Do you offer nail clippings?
A:  While we do offer this service, we encourage you to take advantage of a groomer for this service.  Nail clippings, as with all services that do not include a package, also incur an examination fee.

Q:  Can I book an appointment over the phone, or in person, or via e-mail?
A:  Unfortunately, no, we do not setup appointments for our clients.  Our booking service is completely self-service.  You get to choose your own appointment.

Q:  Can I pay the ten dollar appointment fee in person.
A:  No, you must pay the ten dollar appointment fee to secure your appointment.  If you don't pay the ten dollars, then you would not have an appointment.  Only by paying the ten dollar fee would you reserve your appointment.

Q:  I don't have PayPal.  Is a PayPal account required to book an appointment.
A:  No, you do not need a PayPal account to book your appointment.  You may pay by any major credit card.

Q:  Do I have to book multiple appointments for multiple pets.

A:  Yes, each pet must have their own appointment slot.

Q:  I was in and paid for vaccinations, now my pet is due for boosters.  Are they already paid for?
A:  No, each visit for vaccinations would have it's own charge for the vaccinations that are performed at that particular visit.

Q:  Your schedule says you are open for surgery can I stop by for services (picking up medications, getting boosters, picking up dog food, etc.)?

A:  No, we apologize, but we do not perform any additional services on surgical days.


Q:  Do I have to have my pet on a leash, they are only a puppy/kitten and I will hold them?

A:  All dogs must be leashed or in a carrier.  All cats must be in a carrier.  If you arrive without your pet leashed or in a carrier, we will not be able to offer any services, and will refer you to a local pet store to purchase a restraint for your pet.