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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you seeing walk-in clients?

We are excited to partner with TimeTap Booking Service to bring you a whole new booking experience!

New interface--see more dates and times at one glance!
Book Further Out--Allows appointments up to 6 months in advance!
Modify Your Own Appointment--Need to change your appointment?  Just click on the modification link in your confirmation e-mail and choose a new date and time!*

     *(must be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment)

We've changed our fee structure as well--Previously you had paid ten dollars and this was not credited back.  Now you will pay thirty-five dollars up front and THE FEE WILL BE FULLY CREDITED TOWARD YOUR APPOINTMENT COSTS!**

**(Assuming you show up for your appointment)

No More PayPal--We will now be accepting your appointment payment through Stripe.

Q:  Do you offer nail clippings?
A:  While we do offer this service, we encourage you to take advantage of a groomer for this service.  Nail clippings, as with all services that do not include a package, also incur an examination fee.

Q:  Can I book an appointment over the phone, or in person, or via e-mail?
A:  Unfortunately, no, we do not setup appointments for our clients.  Our booking service is completely self-service.  You get to choose your own appointment.

Q:  Can I pay the thirty-five dollar appointment fee in person.
A:  No, you must pay the thirty-five dollar appointment fee to secure your appointment.  If you don't pay the thirty-five dollars, then you would not have an appointment.  Only by paying the thirty-five dollar fee would you reserve your appointment time/slot.

Q:  Do I have to book multiple appointments for multiple pets.

A:  Yes, each pet must have their own appointment slot.

Q:  I was in and paid for vaccinations, now my pet is due for boosters.  Are they already paid for?
A:  No, each visit for vaccinations would have it's own charge for the vaccinations that are performed at that particular visit.

Q:  Your schedule says you are open for surgery can I stop by for services (picking up medications, getting boosters, picking up dog food, etc.)?

A:  No, we apologize, but we do not perform any additional services on surgical days.


Q:  Do I have to have my pet on a leash, they are only a puppy/kitten and I will hold them?

A:  All dogs must be leashed or in a carrier.  All cats must be in a carrier.  If you arrive without your pet leashed or in a carrier, we will not be able to offer any services, and will refer you to a local pet store to purchase a restraint for your pet.

Q:  I see you offer a cash discount, if I pay by debit card, do I get the cash discount?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  Only cash payments are eligible for the cash discount.  There are no discounts on surgical services, but there are cash discounts available for ancilliary purchases made on the day of surgery (i.e. if you pick up Bravecto or Prescription Pet Food or if Vaccinations are provided).


Q:  Is payment required right away?  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Payment is required at the time services are offered.  We do not offer payment plans, we do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.  Also, please be mindful:  If you do not pay for your services on the day they are rendered, you would lose any discounts offered and we will refer your account to the district magistrates office for resolution.  If we refer you to the District Magistrate's office you are responsible for all fees incurred by Affordable Pet Vaccines in our attempt to collect a debt.  Please be responsible and plan accordingly.  All our pricing is available on our website:

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